Man's Search for Perfect Wife

Man's Search for Perfect Wife


As soon as lived a person who remained single his complete life. When he was ninety years old and dying, somebody requested him, “You may have remained single your complete life however you by no means mentioned what purpose was. Now you might be dying, if your secret is known it won't harm you.”


The old man replied, “Sure, There's a secret. It’s not that I'm in opposition to marriage however I used to be trying to find an ideal lady. I searched and searched and my complete life slipped by..”


The man requested, “However upon this large earth, so many millions of individuals, and half of them are ladies, and but you couldn’t discover one excellent lady for you?”


A tear rolled down from the eye of the dying man as he mentioned, “Sure, I did discover one.”


A man was shocked and requested, “Then what occurred? Why didn’t you married?”


The old man replied, “However.. that lady was trying to find the perfect husband.”